Friday, August 31, 2012

"La quete du Graal" Forgery - SELLS AGAIN!!!

Auction end date: 1/12/2012
Sale price: 390 GBP, $615 USD
Details: purports to be from the limited edition print suite "La quete du Graal" titled Combat devant la Dame de Malehout (Field catalog #75-9F, p. 108); 67 cm x 51cm Japon; No. EA.
NOTE: this print does not exist as unnumbered EA on Japon paper, and the paper size is all wrong.  It appears to be a forgery, though IMO the signature looks darn good.

NOTE: This exact print was sold on eBay, by the same seller, on the following dates and for the following prices (USD):
  • 2/18/2012 for 920 GBP, $1148 USD;
  • 7/8/2012 for 487 GBP, $766 USD.
We will no longer publish auction results of this print, and a number of other prints being sold by eBay user antik-planet-world, because repeated sales of the same prints makes the auction results appear unreliable.

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