Monday, October 29, 2012

Hommage a Leonardo da Vinci Original Engraving: "L'ampoule Incandescence" (Light Bulb, 1975).

Auction end date: 1/18/2012
Sale price: $610
Details: No. 154 of 450; 14 3/8 x 20" plate; Arches paper.
NOTE: appears to be original engraving #75-8K (Field p. 106).

Jerusalem Bible Illustrated by Salvador Dali.

Auction end date: 1/16/2012
Sale price: $130
Details: complete with box.

Ten Commandments Medallion.

Auction end date: 1/15/2012
Sale price: $78
Details: 49 mm; 46.59 g fine silver.

Collectors' Guild Alice in Wonderland Lithograph Forgery: The Queen's Party.

Auction end date: 1/15/2012
Sale price: $400
Details: COA misidentifies it as "The Queen's Party" (actually "Queen's Croquet Ground"); No. P XXXVI of CLL; 26 x 17.5 in. mat size; about 20 x 28 in. paper.
NOTE: this is not an original intaglio #69-5(I) found in Field catalog pp. 36-37; this is likely a counterfeit as identified in Field catalog p. 259; the signature appears to be a forgery (see also The Great Dali Art Fraud & Other Deceptions by Lee Catterall, pp. 152-153).