Sunday, December 16, 2012

"Don Quixote" Counterfeit Print.

Auction end date: 1/27/2012
Sale price: $133
Details: 24" x 16"; No. 131 of 300; came from a Honolulu estate with no COA.
NOTE: appears to be an original lithograph from the Foret edition of "Pages choisies de Don Quichotte de la Mancha" titled L'age d'or (Field #57-1B), however this is a counterfeit print (see Field p. 259). The size is much larger than the authentic print and the edition size is incorrect.  In addition, the signature looks forged.

Don Quixote Illustrated by Salvador Dali.

Auction end date: 1/26/2012
Sale price: $87
Details:  published 1946.

Dali Vogue Magazine Cover (4/1/1944).

Auction end date: 1/23/2012
Sale price: $130
Details: Near mint; complete.