Friday, January 23, 2015

Dali Zodiac Intaglio Forgery: Sagittarius.

Auction end date: 3/15/2012
Sale price: $125
Details: No. 49 of 250.
NOTE: there is no evidence that this is a legitimate Dali image, or that it was ever meant for print production; the signature is a common and obvious forgery; this print is an obvious fake.

Bignou Gallery Exhibition Catalog Lot 1945 / 1948.

Auction end date: 3/12/2012
Sale price: $103
Details: about 10 pages each.

"Le Baiser de Feu" (The Kiss of Fire) Ceramic Tile (1954).

Auction end date: 3/11/2012
Sale price: $80
Details: about 8" x 8" square; embossed: MADE IN SPAIN; stamped: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED / TILES BY DALI / 1954 / MIKANA AG.

Dali Chalice Set by Daum (1983).

Auction end date: 3/10/2012
Sale price: $1251
Details: ruby red and purple.

La Venus aux Fourrures Original Engraving: La Botte Violette (The Violet Boot).

Auction end date: 3/9/2012
Sale price: $1150
Details: Appears to be original intaglio #68-6L (Field pp. 40-1); No. 90 of 145; Dali blind stamp.

Daum pâte de verre glass plate sculpture (1970).

Auction end date: 3/9/2012
Sale price: $1101
Details: Title: "Ceci n'est pas une assiette"; No. 1004/2000; Aubergine-coloured pâte de verre glass with gold decorations.; 26 cm diameter.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Senigallia (Italy) 1 Marengo Coin - 1972.

Auction end date: 3/6/2012
Sale price: $150
Details: 30 mm; 10 g sterling silver; coin art by Salvador Dali appears to be a representation of "Daphne" (Museo Perrot-Moore #789).