Monday, July 1, 2013

Salvador Dali Etching FORGERY: Song of Songs of Solomon: "Return, return, Shulamite" (Two Nudes).

Auction end date: 2/10/2012
Sale price: $200
Details: No. EA.
NOTE: This purports to be an original etching from the "Song of Songs of Solomon"  intaglio suite officially titled Return, return, Shulamite (Field #71-17L; pp. 70-71).  In fact, this print is a forgery.  It is a Leon Amiel restrike (Field p. 238).  In the best case scenario, this forgery is made from the original plate, but the signature is not by the hand of Dali.  Apparently comes with a COA from Kass Meridian Gallery out of Chicago, Il.

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  1. I own an original print of this; the nudes' heads look crunched against the top, and the E.A. sig is not the same at all; neither is the signature on the right.